Dining out is about more than just “convenience”

Jan 07, 2014 | Articles

For those of us who remember the advent of convenience stores as a quick spot to grab lottery tickets, snacks and a can of soda while filling up your gas tank, it’s hard to imagine referring to them as a “dining option.”

Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic, recently said, “Due to location and speed of service, c-stores are always going to be a dining option. Recently, however, we’ve seen a concerted effort to improve the quality of food and service provided at these locations. If c-stores can continue enhancing these areas, they can look to drive traffic from restaurants.

With consumers’ schedules consistently filled with tight timelines, making a meal can be an afterthought. However, that doesn’t mean that patrons are willing to settle for poor food quality. In fact, food quality and taste are what’s most important amongst convenience store customers; nine out of ten saying the quality and taste of the food is one of the most important factors when deciding between a convenience store visit.

In Technomic’s online survey of more than 4,000 c-store shoppers, Wawa’s food and beverages earned the highest ratings for quality, foodservice variety and craveability. Quik Trip, Sheetz (a valued VGS client) Stripes and Kwik Trip also earned high marks for their food and beverage offerings.

As c-stores continue to refine their menu options to satisfy this new population of patrons, it’s clear that what customers really want out of a c-store foodservice experience is more than just convenience.

From Technomic’s “Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM): Convenience Store Shopper Insights Report.”

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